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Nu Life

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Образ жизни Здоровье и фитнес
Разработчик Nu Life International (Asia) Limited


為了讓NU LIFE 的iPhone用家有更方便的流動資訊工具,並一站式處理NU LIFE業務,我們現推出全新一代的NU LIFE iPhone App,歡迎大家免費下載使用。

- NU LIFE「功能性濃縮食品」(FFC)及其他優質生活產品的即時資訊
- 訂購產品 - 購貨服務現適用於香港及需要預先登記
- 安排多個指定地點送貨
- 查閱以往的購貨記錄,以及跟進訂單進度
- 查閱BP積分 (全新!)
- 網上入會 (全新!)
- 連結友好社交網站 (全新!)
以Google地圖搜尋公司本地及海外市場地址及路線圖 - 適用於有Google地圖服務的地區 (全新!)

從此,NU LIFE用家一Click iPhone便可以掌握所有資訊及服務。



In order to provide convenient mobile information services for NU LIFE iPhone users, we are presenting the latest version of the NU LIFE iPhone App. You are welcome to down load and use this software.

Through 3G or Wi-Fi, this App provides you the following services:
Latest information on NU LIFE “Functional Food Concentrates” (FFC) and other high quality products
- Online shopping (Service available for pre-registered customers in Hong Kong)
- Pre-set more than one delivery locations
- Check the pervious orders and follow up the progress of your new orders
- Bonus Point - BP Checking (NEW!)
- Online members registration (NEW!)
- Link with social network web site (NEW!)
Searching our local and overseas offices in Google Map with clear direction - Available for counties and regions that support Google Map service (NEW!)

Just click on our App and you can enjoy all the NU LIFE services and information.

(We are sorry that some of the above services may not be available in some countries and regions due to their own restrictions.)